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City Facilities Maintenance Complete - COUNCIL NOTE

Senior and Ludwick Community Centers improvements

Post Date:02/01/2018

Faucets2At the end of every calendar year the Senior and Ludwick CommunityFaucets1 Centers are closed for a period of time to complete extensive maintenance work. This closure allows Facilities Maintenance staff and contractors to make repairs and improvements to the facilities that cannot be done with occupants in the building. This maintenance work includes hardwood floor refinishing and other items that are of high impact and appreciated by the community.

One of the projects at the Ludwick Center was the installation of a hydration station in the gym area. The new hydration station replaced an old drinking fountain that had been leaking, and due to its age, parts were becoming more difficult to obtain. Once Facilities Maintenance staff remove the old drinking fountain and spittoon, the plumbing was retrofitted to allow for the new unit to be placed at the appropriate height so that it is building code compliant, useable and accessible for all users. An electrical connection to the new hydration stations was also installed since the unit provides both refrigerated and filtered water. Finally, the carpet and drywall were replaced, the walls painted, and now the hydration station can be enjoyed by all who visit the  Ludwick Desk1LightsCommunity Center.

This year’s tasks for the Senior Center included new LED lighting installed in the card rooms and office along with a much-needed upgrade to the Senior Volunteer office. The lighting project replaced obsolete first-generation compact fluorescent lights with new LED lights that are both brighter and more energy efficient. The volunteer users of the Senior Center were excited to return to a brighter, upgraded office and card rooms.


 The projects were facilitated and completed by the Facilities Maintenance Program, whose members include: Alejandro Hernandez, Troy Shogren, Brian Lindsey, Gus Ahumada, Greg Cruce and Andrew Collins.